Converting your family memories into a digital format is critical to preserve your family memories. At Sass Video Transfer Services, we will archive your memories for present and future generations to enjoy. We know your photos are one of a kind, so we take great pride in caring for them while they are in our possession.

When digitizing your photos we only use the highest grade flat-bed photo scanners. We scan your photos one at a time, without the use of auto-fed scanning machines that can mangle your photos.  Finally, we crop, rotate and do a basic color correction to the digital images. All scanned images are saved as high resolution 300 dpi jpg images (ideal for viewing, sharing, or making similar sized reprints).  Higher resolutions are available upon request.


*  One shekel charge per image for removal and return to photo albums

** Includes any full page album/scrapbook scans (regardless of # of images) and photos/images that are larger than 8” x 10”


Sass Video Transfer Services no longer transfers photos to DVDs as it has been shown that DVDs deteriorate over time and are no longer an acceptable form of backing up media. Sass Video will provide transferred images in the jpg file format. Files will be delivered via online cloud service and/or copied to a customer provided hard/thumb drive. OPTIONAL: Sass Video can also provide all transferred files on a Sass Video provided USB thumb drive for an additional NIS 85.

Please call, email, whatsapp, or message with ANY questions or to schedule a pickup.


Sass Video Transfer Services

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