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Yarden Gerbi wins Gold for Israel!!!!!
2013 World Judo Championships
Round 2
(Gerbi v. Quijano - ESA)
(Gerbi v. Agbegnenou - FRA - Eng Commentary)
Round 3
(Gerbi v. Giorgis - ITA)
(Gerbi v. Agbegnenou - FRA - Live Audio)
(Gerbi v. Trstenjak - SLO)
Awards Ceremony
(English Commentary)
(Gerbi v. Abe - JPN)
Awards Ceremony
(No Commentary - Live Audio)
August 29th, 2013 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Yarden Gerbi became the first Israeli to win a gold medal at the Judo World Championships when she defeated France's Clarisse Agbegnenou in the final in just 43 seconds. Gerbi won all of her five fights in the competition by ippons – judo’s version of a knockout.

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